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By becoming Partner of ACCU ‘Benchmark Services’ Credit Unions can..

  Increase your institution’s visibility by creating a Profile on the ACCU web site

  Use CU Profile to show Credit union stability and operational efficiency
  Share the CU Vision, Mission and overall development to the community
  CU could integrated with the National and International net work of Credit unions
  Take advantage of this online system to facilitate transparency and performance reporting.
  Track and compare the CUs within the country, region and world wide
  Create a portfolio to compare the performance of your CU against customized peer groups.
  Disseminate important documents, Products and services, policy and information by posting them on your Partner Profile.
  Keep affiliates and the Credit Union Movement up-to-date on your latest methodologies, evaluations, annual reports, videos and marketing documents.
  Profiles providing interactive hotlinks to the profiles of participating Bench mark services
  Use the ACCU’s Benchmark service to leverage your performance monitoring services for your affiliates.

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