In recognition for its overall achievement in outreach to the poorest and innovations in products towards achieving financial inclusions. This award distinguishes that the program creates sustainable impact on the low-income and disadvantaged groups by inculcating thrift habit, continuous financial literacy education, offering wealth building financial services that ultimately help members reach their financial destination – the big leap out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Tool on Poverty Alleviation Program Impact Assessment Software


ACCU is a regional network of Credit Unions, which has vision of Sustainable Credit Unions in Asia. ACCU developed standards for Asian credit unions following internationally accepted norms necessary for credit unions to compete and sustain in the market environment.
The Asian credit union regulation does not impose Credit Union business standards or best practice. ACCU undertook the project on Branding Credit Union in Asia to promote standards and best practices in Asian credit unions.

This project provided very comprehensive standard on credit union operation in Asia. The project included technical assistance and management tools to reach the standard. It is intended that this list will also provide a good source of information for new users of the
standards. These standards are regarded as management goals.

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