26 Oct 2020

Building Financial Resilience of Members through MSMEs

  • 6.00 pm - 8.30 pm

Before COVID 19, ACCU has been advocating the provision of business development services in lending. The impacts of the pandemic have highlighted the need for business coaching for members to enable them to find other streams of income to recover.


The BDS is a unit or a function assumed by the Loan Department to assist members who are engaged or planning to start, grow, and sustain a small/medium business. The BDS provides counseling, education, and information to strengthen MSMEs' business management, thereby contributing to the growth of the members, credit unions, local communities, and national economies. BDS has the potential to help members recover from the impacts of the pandemic.


What will you gain from the training?

1. Understand the importance of promoting and supporting small businesses to create employment for members, consequently helping them recover from the impact of COVID 19
2. Define the purpose of the Business Development Services
3. Create business opportunities in crisis
4. Identify tools for BDS in transforming business ideas into reality: Startups, Launching, Managing, and Growing
5. Define the role at every level: ACCU, Federation/Leagues/Chapters and Credit Unions
6. Gain skills in coaching entrepreneurs.


The training is intended for the person in charge of Business Development Services of ACCU member organization and the credit union to be piloted after the training. Each member organization is entitled to send two participants.

For more information, please contact us at accumail@aaccu.coop

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