Credit Union Solutions

As think tank for Asian credit unions, ACCU develops Credit Union Business Solutions in response to credit union challenges. The solutions are templates of practical tools credit unions can adopt to build the institution, create lasting impact to members’ well-being, and equip human resources without losing grip of our differentiation – our principles and values. These are the foundation for credit union development.

1. Credit Union Management Tools (Model Policies)

A compilation of basic credit union policies in 6 areas: Organization, Financial Management, Credit Management, Human Resource Management, Products and Services and Strategic Planning.

2. Credit Union Business Development Center (BDC) Operations Manual

A guide on the operation of a business development support unit aimed to create self-employment for members through enterprises.

Diagnostic Tool

Quality standards certification for credit unions based on Balanced Scorecard.

4. & 6. Trainer’s Manual on
Credit Union Directors and CEOs Competency Course

The manual is a complete trainers’ guide that provides critical knowledge and competencies needed to develop active and involved boards & CEOs.

5. Credit Union
Promotional Manual

Serves as guide for promoters of credit unions. The manual also include template on credit union Bylaws and policies.

7. Credit Union Microfinance & AgriFinance Innovation (CUMI) Methodology

CUMI Methodology is a guideline for credit unions on the implementation of a especially designed product for ‘have less’ or low income.

8. Tool on Poverty Alleviation Program Impact Assessment Software

Tool on Poverty Alleviation Program Impact Assessment Software helps credit unions assess the impact of CUMI to members based on the human development indicators.

9. Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue an easy adaptable template of wealth building savings and loan products for credit unions.

10. Governance Checklist

Governance Checklist is a quick guide on the policy areas required for good governance in credit unions.

11. Risk Based Supervision Service Manual

RBS presents a framework with which credit unions are assessed regarding the probability and impact of risks as opposed to the intuitive assessment by the traditional approach.

Audit Procedures Manual

ACCESS Audit Procedures Manual is an audit systems and procedures for conducting audit of credit unions seeking for accreditation.

13. Stabilization Fund

Stabilization Fund is a sample Bylaws of the Stabilization Fund System for credit unions.

14. Governance Framework for
Credit Unions

A complete governance policies and tools template to ensure good governance of credit unions.

15. Credit Union
Promotion Visual Aid

Credit Union Promotion Visual Aid compilation of colored drawings to promote credit unions to members with low level of education.

16. Trainers’ Manual on 360 Degrees Financial Literacy for Credit Union Members

Anticipates to set the tone for standard financial literacy education in Asian credit unions.

17. Trainers Manual on Credit Union Loan Officers Competency Course

A to Z of lending, provides practical tool for loan officers to perform their duties and responsibilities without losing grip to the original objective of credit union lending.

for Federation

Quality standards for credit union service organization based on Balanced Scorecard.

19. Audit Committee Competency Course

A training manual to provide basic competence to Audit/Supervisory Committee enabling them to perform their responsibilities.

20. AgriFinance Methodology

A guide on the technical support credit unions need to incorporate on agricultural lending to help farmers improve their income.

21. Supervision Tool

A supervsion tool national federations can use to carry out in-system supervision of credit unions.

22. Managing Yourself for Others

A practical selfmanagement development program for people in the credit union movement to work for and with others to build a better community.

23. “3 in 1” Member,
Leader and Volunteer

TRAIN the credit union people in the necessary skills, habits and attitudes needed in their daily lives.

24. Building Transformative Leaders

The program focused on emotional intelligence, deepened relationships, social cohesion and strong valuesculture for leaders.

25. CU Label of Excellence in Governance

Quality standards and accreditation tool for good governance in credit unions.

26. CU Contribution to SDG 13
Climate Action

A compilation of CU programs to counter the impact of climate change.

27. Guide to CU:
Impacts & Response to COVID 19

Assessment of impacts to members, employees and CUs with suggested response.

28. Guide to CU:
Buidling Wealth for Members

A workbook members can use to better manage their finances and become resilient during crisis.

29. Guide to CU:
Business Continiuty Plan Template

A sample Business Continiuty Plan CUs and federations can contextualize.

30. Guide to CU:
Personal Financial Plan Template

A tool to help members of CUs to plan for financial resilience.